The ‘Outstanding Teen’ Program

Hello Outstanding Teen contestant! We are excited to have your interest in our programs this year and cannot wait to help you get started on your journey. On this page you will find everything you need to know about the pageant, the job of a titleholder, and how to apply.

Pageant Scoring Breakdown

Interview: The private interview is six minutes long and is between you and your panel of judges. During this phase judges are assessing your ability to think under pressure, speak eloquently and quickly and your ability to do the job as a titleholder. This is the first phase of competition to take place and accounts for 35% of the total score.

Talent: This is an assessment of the contestant’s dedication to her preferred art. While the most traditional talents are singing, dancing, playing an instrument, and dramatic performance, there have been very unique talents to grace the stage in the last few decades, including ventriloquism, painting, photography, composing, trick roping and of course, baton twirling. This phase of competition is worth 35% of your score.

Fitness: Contestants show off their hard work in fitness gear. This phase is all about confidence, energy and over-all health. Wardrobe is typically fitted athletic wear and is worth 10% of the score.

Evening Wear: The evening gown competition is traditionally done in a floor-length evening gown, though there is no actual requirement specifying what type of evening wear is to be worn. Judges are looking for a woman who is graceful and poised. Elegance and confidence in your personal sense of style is key for this 15% of your score.

On-stage Question: While on-stage question is only worth 5% of the score, it is important to the judges in determining how well you can respond under the pressure of an audience or the media. Miss America is a public figure and keeping you composure during stressful or awkward situations is an essential part of the job.

Community Service

This is a service organization. Contestants are required to choose a personal platform, which will be the basis of their community involvement during their year as titleholders. Platforms vary widely and can be an organization, and idea or a movement. Past platforms include: Financial Literacy in Youth, The Boys and Girls Club of America, Breast Cancer Awareness, Putting an end to Bullying, and Achieving Success through Positive Body Image. It is open-ended and should be chosen based on your passions and experience.

The National Platform of the Miss America Organization is the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Since 2007 contestants have raised over 11 million dollars for this extraordinary non-profit. Miss America also has an unofficial platform, which is the promotion of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) careers, particularly among women. As a contestant you are expected to help further both of these organizations as well as your own personal platform.


If all of the following is true, then you are eligible to compete in the Miss Three Rivers or Miss Cascade Outstanding Teen Programs:

  • I meet the age requirements
  • I meet the residency requirements
  • I am a woman
  • I am not currently pregnant and will not become pregnant during my year of service
  • I am not currently a parent or legal guardian and will not become a parent or legal guardian during my year of service
  • I am not currently and never have been married.
  • I have never been convicted of any crime greater than a misdemeanor.

Time Commitments

Contestants are expected to arrive on time and stay for the duration of all rehearsals. Exceptions and special accommodations will be at the discretion of the director. Check the schedule here for information on rehearsal times and dates. Our new titleholder will be required to attend the following:

  • A meeting with the directors to discuss the State Pageant within 1 week of winning
  • Will attend Miss Oregon Spring Conference (Dates TBA)
  • Will attend and compete at the Miss Oregon Pageant (Dates TBA)

Financial Commitments

The Miss Three Rivers Board sends7-10 girls to state every year. This is an enormous financial undertaking so there are expenses for which the contestant is exclusively responsible.

Local Contestants:

  • Register at the Miss America 4 Kids website. (This is a national rule. If you are not registered by the deadline you will not be allowed to compete.)
  • Sell at least $100 in ad pages for the 2017 Program Book
  • Contestants are responsible for 100% of their competition wardrobe expenses including clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Contestants are responsible for their production wardrobe expenses including clothing, shoes and accessories.

Miss Three Rivers and Miss Cascade Outstanding Teen:

  • Meet the minimum requirements for Miss Oregon’s Outstanding Teen Program Book Advertisements.(varies by year)
  • State Competition and Production Wardrobe, including shoes and accessories.
  • Transportation costs to and from all appearances and events.
  • Fees, Transportation and housing costs for Miss Oregon Spring Conference

Become a Contestant

This Year’s class if full! Like us on Facebook for more information on applying next year!